A Beer At A Time

Kegs and Growlers

Plan Your Event And Order Your Keg In Advance

Having a special event? Why not order a keg? Choose from hundreds of your favorite beers. A Beer at a Time can supply both the keg and the tap for your event. All keg orders need to be placed with us by Wednesday and they will arrive on Thursday. You can pick them up anytime after they arrive at the store. To assure that equipment is returned in good condition, A Beer at a Time requires a deposit on all kegs and taps. Your deposit is 100% refundable upon returning them in good condition.

ABAAT-Growler1-202x300Why buy in growlers?

It’s the experience — it gives you an opportunity to try something new, right out of the tap. You can taste five different brews with our sampler tray, and then choose something you want to enjoy at home. Our bartenders know the story behind the beers, so they can guide and educate you about the flavor profiles. If you agree that a good draft beer tastes better than beer out of a can, then this is the perfect alternative. It tastes fresh and the cost is reasonable.

We sell and fill growlers at our store. Bring your own growler or mason jar into our store and we’ll fill it (click here for current beers on tap). If you don’t have a growler come on in and we’ll sell you one, we have gallon containers, 64 oz & 34 oz growlers, as well as mason jars.

The history of growlers

There are two myths of how the growler got its name. In the late 1800’s, before beer came in cases, bottles or cans, beer was transported by galvanized metal pails from the local brewer or pub to your home. The pail would be topped off and covered with a lid to send you on your way.

Myth # 1 – While traveling on the way home, the beer would splash around inside the container and would slosh out from under the lid. The CO2 that escaped would make a rumbling and growling noise, which gave it the name growler.

Myth # 2 – Another story is that customers and bartenders would constantly argue or “growl” with each other about the amount of beer in the container.

In the 1950’s, a wax cardboard container was invented, much like a 40 oz milk carton. These containers were necessary, because all liquor stores were closed on Sundays. So in order to have fresh beer, you had to purchase it on Saturday and take it home. Then in 1989, Charlie Otto and his father ran a brewery that wasn’t able to bottle. They wanted to offer a take home option for their customers, so Charlie redesigned the growler to be a half-gallon jub, much like a moonshine jug.